Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dang Pretty Family.

My family is a lot prettier than the last time I saw them. Morgan's hair is longer. And she's older. Jake's teeth are braceless and whiiiite. And he's tall. And he's getting over puberty. Lindsey looked like a supermodel at the airport. And everyday. Isaaac is big. And has brown beautiful eyes. And is growing up. And I never really noticed how much my mom and dad love each other. They do. I think love makes you pretty. They're looking really fly (but my dad thinks he's gonna lose 15 lbs before the wedding. doubt it!) Maybe my family has always been so pretty. . . or maybe not. . . I'm not sure. But since I've been home, I can't help but think to myself- You have a dang pretty family.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today was a wonderful day. I am feeling incredibly grateful for a lot of things in my life. Namely:
....an adorable wedding shower put on by my lovely friends ...people who are really crafty and cutesy ...pink and yellow
...gorgeous bridesmaids :)
... and time just being with my girlfriends.
I'm grateful for Camp K and the incredible opportunity I've had to spend my summer there, for the joy I find in the work I'm doing, for the satisfaction in knowing I'm making a difference to someone somewhere, for being nicknamed "my friend" by this little angel.
I'm also thankful for:
...such fun friends
...nights spent on a blanket beneath the sky
...laughter and memories and red, white & blue!
(the literal and figurative kind)
both of which seem to be crowding my life as of late...
and i love it
...the U.S.A.
and my dang cute fiance.

There is just so stinkin' much to be grateful for!