Saturday, October 30, 2010

Birthday weekend.

We started JD's birthday weekend last Friday by going down to Salt Lake for dinner and a Jazz game. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen. Yum!
Then we walked around the Gateway mall for a bit and headed over to the Energy Solutions Arena for the game. It was the last pre-season game against the Sacramento Kings and they won!

(JD was really proud of this shot!)

On Saturday, we went to the BYU game and they finally won! They must've done it for JD :) We had planned a birthday barbeque at Kiwanis Park for Saturday evening. However, the weather decided not to cooperate with us and we moved the celebration into our one bedroom apartment. We fit about 20 people in our little home! JD's family came down a little bit early and Larry set up his grill right outside our door. We were nervous about people being crowded and uncomfortable, but it turned out to be such a cozy little party. I made some cute cupcakes, a happy banner, and we bought some balloons and noisemakers. JD was just so happy to see the people he loves. It was a good day :)

Abe & Holli Lucero
Jordan & Brittany Borchert
Jeff, Matt & Brigham
Tiffanie, Mikella & Tyler
Cory & Jenessa
JD blowing out the candles.
Larry & Tiffanie
The M&M game. So many laughs!
Everyone who came to celebrate with us!

JD got a video camera from his family, a football from the Luceros, and a wok, Boggle, a Jazz hat, snow cone flavoring, corn on the cob holders, candy, and beef jerkey from me. JD bought the Jazz tickets himself, but I think technically that was supposed to count as a birthday gift from me too. . . haha. Anyways, what a happy weekend!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Only 5 days late.

JD turned 25 last Saturday and in the hustle and bustle of party preparations, I forgot to write down a few words about how glad I am that he was born. Before I met JD, I dreamed of a driven, handsome, supportive husband who was madly in love with me and had a pleasant disposition, a strong work ethic, a real desire to raise a family, an unwaivering testimony of Christ, an ability to make me laugh, a compassionate heart, and a commitment to moral living. I can't believe how blessed I was to find such a catch and how lucky I am he chose me for his wife. He's all those things . . . plus a few bonuses: obsessive vacuumer, master eyebrow plucker, and perfect pizza maker. Who knew I'd get all these extras? Haha. Happy birthday, lovebug!

(Hey. . . speaking of pizza . . . what's for dinner?)

(Also, since we're already talking about how wonderful JD is . . . I should just throw in that he got a 98 on his biology exam yesterday! Shut up. He's been studying his brains out all week. I'm a super proud wife!)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


JD makes fun of me for calling it "putt-putt." He thinks it should be appropriately referred to as "mini golf." Mini golf is for losers. Putt-putt is for champions.

What do you think?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

San Antonio Reunion.

Last week a few of the old kids from San Antonio got together for a little reunion. I can't believe how old we are! All the girls are married ladies and all the boys are returned missionaries.
Top L-R: Michael Chamberlain, Brian Foote, Thomas & Molly (Berrett) Hone
Middle L-R: Rob & Kelli (Foote) Lindeman, Abe and Holli (Johanson) Lucero
Bottom L-R: JD and I, Emma (Berrett) Beswick
Not pictured: Emma's husband, Kyle.

It was lovely to share desserts and hear a little about each other's lives.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy day!

Yesterday was such a happy day. I was offered an internship starting in January at New Haven, a residential treatment center and boarding school for teenage girls. I am super excited about working with the rec therapist there and feel really good about the things I'll learn and the experiences I'll have. I'll be busy and stressed and pushed to my limits, but it will be so awesome! I am thrilled to say the least. To celebrate, JD and I went to Cafe Rio. How can it not be a good day when you have a pork barbacoa salad for dinner?!

(On the down side... JD has a burnt, swollen lip. He went fishing all day on Friday and didn't wear any chapstick with SPF on his lips. They were really red when he came home and they eventually blistered over. He hasn't been able to eat very well and the pain is bad enough to keep him up at night. He is constantly running cold water over his lips and loading them with vaseline. It's so sad! I haven't kissed him in like 5 days because it hurts too much! Bah.)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Parking break-down.

JD goes to Utah Valley University; unlike BYU students, the UVU students get a fall break. JD doesn't have school today. JD went fishing this morning. I had to drive to school. I never drive. I don't have a BYU parking permit. JD usually drops me off. He parks at UVU. I have never driven to campus in my life. I drove in circles for 40 minutes this morning looking for anywhere to park. I can't parallel park. My options are limited. I have to have a permit for every single lot. I almost lied to the visitor parking man so I could park there. I couldn't. I tried to parallel park. I looked like a fool. I drove up and down nearby streets. I saw lots of "no parking" signs. I considered going home and not coming out for the rest of the day. I started towards home. I pulled to the curb 5 blocks from campus. I cried. I hate driving. I am never driving to school again. I walked to campus. I climbed some stairs. I got a blister. I was late to class. I am never late to class.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sweet boy.

Wednesdays are my long day. I'm on campus from 5:40 am to 6 pm with essentially no breaks... 5:45-10:30 work 10:30-10:40 change out of security uniform into normal clothes. 11-12:15 class. 12:20 bathroom. 12:25 sack lunch on a bench. 12:35 change into dance clothes. 12:45-1:00 flip through notes or stop at computer lab to check emails. 1-1:50 jazz dance. 1:51-1:55 change as fast as I can and hurry up the stairs of death to religion class, sweaty and panting. 2-2:50 pearl of great price. 3-6 sewing lab (which is getting harder!)... come home and want to die. last night I had a work meeting from 6:30 to 7:45 to add onto that. such a. long. day. My cute husband had a romantic dinner all set up when I got home. He made some delicious tomato-y, mozzrella-y chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli. He set the table, turned on some tunes, lit the candles, and dimmed the lights. It was beautiful and wonderful and I loved it. He is such a sweet boy.

Lovey, I know you are having a hard time because your tennis job keeps getting cancelled because of the blasted rain and you didn't do as well on your bio test as you wanted to. I know you're grumpy because life is kicking you around a little. Don't be down. You make me happy. You are a good husband. 

Ps. I think you're more handsome when you smile.