Friday, October 15, 2010

Parking break-down.

JD goes to Utah Valley University; unlike BYU students, the UVU students get a fall break. JD doesn't have school today. JD went fishing this morning. I had to drive to school. I never drive. I don't have a BYU parking permit. JD usually drops me off. He parks at UVU. I have never driven to campus in my life. I drove in circles for 40 minutes this morning looking for anywhere to park. I can't parallel park. My options are limited. I have to have a permit for every single lot. I almost lied to the visitor parking man so I could park there. I couldn't. I tried to parallel park. I looked like a fool. I drove up and down nearby streets. I saw lots of "no parking" signs. I considered going home and not coming out for the rest of the day. I started towards home. I pulled to the curb 5 blocks from campus. I cried. I hate driving. I am never driving to school again. I walked to campus. I climbed some stairs. I got a blister. I was late to class. I am never late to class.

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Holly said...

I'm sorry. I hate waking up in the morning. I didn't want a long walk to school and I knew driving was an impossible option at BYU. All of my years there, 1 on campus and 3 off, I lived as close as I could possibly manage. Then I could wake up later, go home for lunch (or whatever whim took my fancy), and get home quickly at the end of the day. But then< I never had to deal with married housing.