Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reel time.

JD has spent the last few months taking trips up to his parents' house to build some foldable kayaks with his dad. He finished the final step, painting his masterpiece, last week (I still need to paint mine!) and so we decided to put these babies to use. We spent a few hours up American Fork Canyon on Saturday kayaking, fishing, and enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery. JD named his kayak "Reel Time," meaning real time is when he's reeling in fish. He's such a mountainman and I love to see him in his happy place. I'm so proud of the work he put in to these kayaks and know we'll make some good memories using them again and again. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012


JD and I have been SO blessed since we moved to Lehi. We live with an awesome family! We feel so lucky that our lives have crossed with these folks. They are kind to us. They are easy to talk to. They make us feel so welcome in their home. Together, we share meals and treats. We borrow stuff from each other. We play games. We go out together. We take their kids fishing. We laugh and talk. We play rock band. JD and I feel inspired and moved and motivated by their family dynamics. We want to create a home environment as loving and welcoming and warm and happy as the one we're experiencing here. We thank Heavenly Father daily for the opportunity we have to live here, right now, at this time in our lives. Of course, we are antsy and anxious and excited to own our own place someday. . . but for now, things are just perfect.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Sweet summertime.

No doubt about it. . . it's summertime! We've been riding bikes, feeding horses, going to parades, attending baseball games, watching fireworks, eating watermelon, stopping at taco stands, and soaking in the sun. I'm 27 weeks pregnant and definitely have the baby belly to prove it! I feel our precious girl squirming around all the time now and just absolutely love it. Weird (and wonderful!) to think we'll have a little one with us this time next summer.

We fed some veggies to the horses in our neighborhood.
We went to the Orem Owls baseball game last week.
So happy to spend time with these sweet ladies!
Tacos at Lehi Days festival.
July 4th Fireworks!