Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reel time.

JD has spent the last few months taking trips up to his parents' house to build some foldable kayaks with his dad. He finished the final step, painting his masterpiece, last week (I still need to paint mine!) and so we decided to put these babies to use. We spent a few hours up American Fork Canyon on Saturday kayaking, fishing, and enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery. JD named his kayak "Reel Time," meaning real time is when he's reeling in fish. He's such a mountainman and I love to see him in his happy place. I'm so proud of the work he put in to these kayaks and know we'll make some good memories using them again and again. 


Unknown said...

That looks so fun!!! Love the baby belly :)

Emily Leue said...

Those look awesome! Way to go!

Daniel and Kylie said...

you look fab!! hope youre feeling okay!! love you