Wednesday, December 16, 2009


After I totally bombed the lab final, I was sure I was going to get a C in Anatomy. I just took the lecture final and got exactly what I had to get in order to get a B+ in the class. Although I'm a tad disappointed about not getting an A, I'm pretty pleased with where I stand now. I have really enjoyed learning about the human body and have gained such an appreciation for the Creation and the majesty of our God.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Semester in Review

Here's to our first semester being married! :) I was just thinking about all of the fun things we did in the past few months, and thought I would share in the fun. Moving in together and trying to make our little apartment home. This is us the day we decided to paint our furniture bright turquoise! So bright and fun. Really spontaneous!

Water-skiing trip with some of JD's buddies. This is us on the boat. I was finally able to get up on the water. So awesome!

Date nights as married people! This is the first night we went out together after we got back to Provo. We  went out to eat, to the dollar theater, and to Nickelcade. So many games for only 5 cents. We won a little game that entertained us for about a day.

My mom and sister came up to visit for Homecoming. It was so good to see them, even if it was only for a little bit. Love yall :)

BYU Football Season. We went to all the home games and watched most of the others on TV. We were pretty big football watchers this semester. It's addicting! This picture is of my old roomies at one of the  games.

JD's birthday! Ah, my husband is 24 now. So old! (But also so wise and mature...)

Camping trip with the Davidsons. These are our neighbors. We went on a little camping trip. It was really cute and fun. We made tinfoil dinners and roasted hotdogs. We set up the little 4-man tent JD and I bought with our wedding money. Such fun memories.

BYU v. UTAH game! We won. In overtime. Against UTAH!!! Yay! JD and I thought about selling our tickets, but were so glad we didn't!

Lights at Temple Square. We went on a fun date to look at all the Christmas lights at Temple Square in Salt Lake. It is such a beautiful, happy place!

Then, we made gingerbread houses. Ours was super cute!

We love being together and playing together and laughing together. It's been a good semester. :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Black Ice.

This weekend Tyler and Tiffanie came to visit us. They both brought friends, Jordan and Hayley. We had a fun weekend... playing games, watching movies, and eating food.

After church, some food, and a round of Pit, they were off and headed back to Layton.

They didn't get far.

They hit a patch of black ice on 1-15 heading north bound near UVU. Their car spun a few times before hitting the middle barrier. The airbags went off. Jordan's nose was bloody, Tiffanie's ankle was cut up and bruised, and Hayley has a bruised sternum from the seatbelt.

Tyler called JD and was pretty panicked. We left as soon as we could and tried to meet them at the scene of the accident. The police officer was really rude to us and told us to get back in our car and meet them at the hospital because they were trying to clear the lane. He was really short and snappy. ANND he gave Tyler a ticket for "inability to control the car in one lane." Jerky cop!

All four of the teens were released after we waited for a few hours in the hospital with all of their families.

We are just grateful everyone is safe and no major injuries happened!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Wishing and Lots of Thoughts

For those who've been asking, here's a list.

I haven't had time to do any online shopping or actual shopping for that matter... so I'm not sure how helpful these will be because most of it is stuff that I would have to pick out and try on. However, I thought I could give a few ideas :)

Medium color brown boots
Chocolate brown puffy coat
New Chocolate Brown Ugg Boots or something of the sort
Black pea-coat
Brown purse
Bobby Pins with pearls on the end
Happy flowers to put in my hair
Burnt orange sweatshirt with a white longhorn(something like this)
Running Shoes
Some cute gift wrap(for when I give presents, not receive them)
Gray cable-knit tights

Athletic Shoes
Tennis Balls
A fishing pole
Longhorn hat

Vanilla Cupcake candle(s) by Yankee Candle.. yum
Harry Potter book series
A pretty picture of Christ for our living room
Wedding canvas print for living room
Large black and white canvas print for above our bed
Camping chairs
A lantern for camping
Any cool little camping toys
2010 calendar

What's on my mind:
Snowing everywhere and finals are fast approaching. Oh man.
Had a new couple from the ward over for dinner last night. So good.
They were nice.
Have so much still to do for school... it's overwhelming.
Been married for 115 days. BLOWS MY MINNNND.
Old roomies getting together this week. Whoo hoo :)
Miss my fam, can't wait to see yall.
Need to jump on Christmas shopping.
Need to do visiting teaching this month.
Work is long and boring.
Love the Conference issue of the Ensign.
Hope not to get lost in the craziness of the season.
Thankful for Christ and His example.
Reading Harry Potter 1 with the hubby. LOVE IT.
Made gingerbread houses on Saturday night. Won the competition :)
Lights at Temple Square=awesome.
Need to go through wedding pictures still.
Have a lot on my mind.
Stressed, but so grateful for life.
Miss Kelly-thinking of her alot.
Probably cry a couple times in the coming weeks.
Money from the government=huge blessing.
Stef's gonna get engaged soon.. wonder how he'll do it?
Time flies.
Miss hanging out with Jocelyn.
Wish Kylie lived in Utah.
New bangs.. not sure I like them.
Wish I journaled as often as I blog.
Not having a functioning computer at home helps me waste less time online.
Want to learn some new board games.
Can't wait to teach my Dad how to play Settlers of Catan.
Wish I had a ton of money to get everyone gifts.
Learned a lot this semester... hope I can remember it all.
Gretchen is a cute pregnant lady. She's showing more.
Wish I cooked more than I do. Grateful for a patient husband.
Visited nursery in another ward on Sunday. Cute kids.
I hope my little girls will keep their bows on their heads.
I'll shop more for my girls than I do for myself.
Think Cory's sister, Sarah, is very funny. Randomly read her blog sometimes.
Find people very interesting.
Love my major.
Hope I can get a job.
Should probably be doing homework instead of spilling my guts out.