Monday, January 31, 2011

I can do anything.

Remember how I'm interning at a therapeutic boarding school for girls? Yesterday, for a long day activity, we went cross-country skiing. JD joined us for a day on the mountain.

I woke up today aching all over. Cross-country ain't no down hill skiing. There are not any chair lifts to get you up the mountain. . . you hike that thing on your own two legs. And it's a work out.

Even though we look cute and happy,

it took all my effort to stay positive and be a good example of not complaining for the girls.
I fell a lot. But I can do anything I set my mind to.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Looking at my wedding pictures still makes me ridiculously happy. Jon did such a good job. We look beaming and happy and beautiful. He takes ridiculously awesome pictures.

So awesome, in fact, that our friends can't help but want him to take their wedding pictures, too. John and Maree hired him last year. . .and he'll be there on Jeff and Jamie's special day in May. Good thing we absolutely love him. ps. Blogger wouldn't allow me to add more pictures after I uploaded the first one. Sad day! They're so pretty to look at :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'd much rather have days off when he has days off too.

Bridger, my internship advisor, is really nice. He gave me today off to try and figure out the car situation. Also, I already had Friday and Monday off because he's going out of town for the weekend. Also, I'm taking Tuesday off for Chris and Cami's wedding. Basically, I have the next six days to myself and I have absolutely nothing to do. It's a happy feeling, but it also makes me sick-ish because I don't have a car to pick up the pictures I want to scrapbook, or the fabric I want to craft with, or any supplies I would need for that matter. Also, my cute boy is going to be working and going to school all the time anyway.

I'd much rather have days off when he has days off too.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some days. . .

are good. Some days. . . are just not so good. Yesterday, on my way to work, the 4-runner started making all kinds of crazy noises. I pulled over on the highway because I was really freaked out. Well, the car didn't start up again, I had to call my supervisor to pick me up, our car got towed, and we found out later from the auto place we'll need a new engine (somewhere around $2500 in repairs). Perfect.

I had a hard time coping with that bummer news.

And then my basketball team lost our first game 60-18. Haha. 42 points isn't that much, right?

It was a rough day, for sure.

However, I felt loads better after I skyped my parents, cried to my husband, and ate a bowl of cooked broccoli for dinner.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Sometimes I look at JD and smile and then he catches me looking at him. Then, he asks me why I'm smiling and I say something like, "because you're handsome." or "because you make me smile." or "because I like you." Then, he says something like, "Oh, I thought you loved me."
Then I respond with an explanation of how I do love him, but I also really like him. Sometimes people love people, but don't necessarily like them all the time (ie. parents who really love their kids but don't really like their company or don't really like what they're doing or don't really like them, generally speaking. . .) The thing is: I love JD, but mostly I just really like him too. I like to be with him. I like to talk to him. I like him. He's very likeable.

And I'm grateful that he's likeable because sometimes the people you are supposed to love are awfully hard to like.

So.. when I look at you like that, lovey, it's probably because I'm thinking to myself about how crazy happy I am that someone I like so much likes me back.

Also, I just like looking at you.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Because I'm an athlete."

My dad is an athlete. He really is. Admittedly, he's getting older and he's probably not as up to speed as he likes to think he is, but he can still kick it. No matter what sport he's playing, he's convinced he can win or be the best because "he's an athlete." Like her dad, Morgan has a real affinity for sports. She's pretty naturally gifted that way, but she also practices a lot and commits her free time to improving her skills. She spends weekday evenings out on the driveway shooting 200 free throws, for example. I've always been a little jealous of them because I feel like I don't have those athletic gifts.

I might've been a better athlete when I was younger if I hadn't kept telling myself I wasn't cut out for sports. I might be a better athlete now if I stop telling myself I'm not cut out for sports. That's why, when the sign-up sheet for intramural basketball when around the room in Relief Society last week, I put my name on the list. Dad and Morgan, I blame you. You stinkin' athletes are making me do crazy things. Come Tuesday night, I'll be making a total fool of myself on the courts at BYU, but I figure it can't be too bad because athleticism has to be somewhere in my genes. . .

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bernina love.

When JD was knocking last summer, he ran into a lady who sewed a lot. He chatted with her politely, mentioning his wife was interested in learning some sewing skills and wanted a sewing machine. She got real serious with him and said, "Now, listen young man. You do whatever you have to do to get her a Bernina. You have to go with Bernina." Knowing nothing about the sewing world, he dismissed her comments and almost forgot what she'd said.
Well...a few months later, I took a sewing class at BYU and really wanted to get a machine of my own. After talking to a few different people who sew regularly, I realized Bernina was probably the way to go if I was seriously interested and committed to sewing. I rallied my husband, parents, and grandparents together to support my cause and they all helped me purchase this beauty.

I haven't done much yet besides test a few different stitches, but
I'm already in love.