Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bernina love.

When JD was knocking last summer, he ran into a lady who sewed a lot. He chatted with her politely, mentioning his wife was interested in learning some sewing skills and wanted a sewing machine. She got real serious with him and said, "Now, listen young man. You do whatever you have to do to get her a Bernina. You have to go with Bernina." Knowing nothing about the sewing world, he dismissed her comments and almost forgot what she'd said.
Well...a few months later, I took a sewing class at BYU and really wanted to get a machine of my own. After talking to a few different people who sew regularly, I realized Bernina was probably the way to go if I was seriously interested and committed to sewing. I rallied my husband, parents, and grandparents together to support my cause and they all helped me purchase this beauty.

I haven't done much yet besides test a few different stitches, but
I'm already in love.


ashley said...

Dear Summer,

Thanks for making my day. Also, I am jealous of your Bernina. You better start posting pics of the things you are sewing!


Emma Louise said...

Good pick on the Bernina, Summer! Next (and your hubby may hate me for spilling the beans on this) you should look into the My Label software (http://www.berninamylabel.com/). It is incredible! Expensive, but super cool! It's tricky to figure out without a lot of experience, but if you enjoy sewing garments, it can be fun!

Cory Sue said...

so jealous! i'll have to come over and stare at it with you!

Corinne Roxanne Davis said...

Ok I am so jealous of this! How fun Summer! Your blog is darling and I just spent way too long reading it :) I am so glad you are happy and all is well!