Sunday, January 16, 2011


Sometimes I look at JD and smile and then he catches me looking at him. Then, he asks me why I'm smiling and I say something like, "because you're handsome." or "because you make me smile." or "because I like you." Then, he says something like, "Oh, I thought you loved me."
Then I respond with an explanation of how I do love him, but I also really like him. Sometimes people love people, but don't necessarily like them all the time (ie. parents who really love their kids but don't really like their company or don't really like what they're doing or don't really like them, generally speaking. . .) The thing is: I love JD, but mostly I just really like him too. I like to be with him. I like to talk to him. I like him. He's very likeable.

And I'm grateful that he's likeable because sometimes the people you are supposed to love are awfully hard to like.

So.. when I look at you like that, lovey, it's probably because I'm thinking to myself about how crazy happy I am that someone I like so much likes me back.

Also, I just like looking at you.

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