Thursday, January 28, 2010

Summer Marie

So.. I had this blog before I was married. And I wrote on it a lot. And when I got married, I didn't want to make the transition to a "married" blog. The one where I have to use the term "we" instead of "I" all the time. Like, "we ate hotdogs" instead of "JD and I ate hotdogs." Because you see.. we both can't be typing at the same time.. I am typing. I am writing this blog. I just want to be able to say what I feel and write what I want to. Inevitably, I will write about JD and our future family because I like him and I'll probably like them too.. but I just like having this little blog to call my own. I feel a little bit guilty about not having the blog address be, but in the end... not really. I like being the same me I've always been. And actually... the blog address is not really valid anymore because I am now Summer Robinson Knowlden to the government. Summer Marie Knowlden definitely sounds better, I know. However, I had a really hard time accepting the idea of dropping Robinson forever. And I for sure wanted to change my name to Knowlden. So I opted for the long and obnoxious Summer Robinson Knowlden. I should've just kept it Summer Marie Robinson Knowlden, but that's even longer and more obnoxious.

But the point is.. don't judge me for not making this a couple blog. I'm Summer Marie, and I love my husband. :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010


The other day I was walking through the Museum of Art, bored out of my mind. I started looking through the contacts in my phone, deleting people I know I'll never talk to again. The boy in my senior calculus class, who was so cute and always flirted with me when I walked by, who I went on two dates with, who held my hand in the movie theatre. The boy who ran track, who talked to me on instant messenger, who always made my heart race. The boy who I studied with sometimes, who was best friends with a boy I accidentally kissed once. The boy who argued religion with me, who swore he knew all the answers. The boy who I was friends with because I didn't think anyone else would be. The boy who wanted to date me because he thought I was hot, even though he knew nothing about me and was totally shallow. The boy who I fell for hard and fast, who made me feel alive, who I thought I'd marry and spend all my days with. The boy who I dated to get over previous boy, the one who was a horrible kisser, who I really didn't like but pretended to, because I wanted to make previous boy jealous. The attractive boy, who was way into himself, and therefore, not as attractive. The boy who I thought was cute from church. The boy who I did a group project with, who had more money than anyone I know. Delete. Delete. Delete.

Deleted them all because my heart is forever with this one.
The best kisser, the one who makes my heart twitter-pate more than anyone, the boy who makes everything better, the warmth beside me at night, my happily ever after.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Need to Read.

Last Friday, I decided to stop at the library to pick up a book to read while I'm on the bike at the gym and while I'm sitting in the control room at work in the mornings with nothing to do. I picked a book by Jodi Picoult because I tend to really like her books (My Sister's Keeper and Vanishing Acts are my favorites). I chose Second Glance because it was one of the only ones BYU had on their shelves that I hadn't already read. When JD left for work on Saturday, I decided to read a little of it until I fell back asleep. I ended up reading the entire book. I read for nine hours and was still in bed in my underwear when JD got home. He thought I was crazy. I really enjoyed the reading day, because I haven't read a book for fun in a long time. The book was about paranormal activity... ghosts, mysteries, love, sacrifice, time. It was captivating, but not as good as some of Picoult's others.

On Sunday, we went to Matt's house for dinner and JD told him about my long reading day and how he thought I was crazy for sitting in bed that long. Matt said he'd been reading a lot lately too, and asked if I had read The Hunger Games. I recognized the book name because my mom was reading it with her book club, but didn't know much about it. He told me it was so good and I really needed to read it. I took the book and was done by Tuesday. It is a very easy read, and so good. The end leaves you craving more.

On Wednesday, I picked up the sequel from Matt. I finished it by the next day. The plot is so unexpected after the first book. I had to know what happened next. I got so caught up in the lives of the characters and wanted to know so badly how the next day in their lives would play out. Unfortunately, the next book in the series doesn't come out until OCTOBER. There isn't closure at the end of this one either...

Basically, I had a lot of spare time this week. And I've filled that need to read for just a little while.

Except that now I'm stuck with nothing to do at the gym or work.
Ha. What's next?

Sunday, January 17, 2010


JD just buzzed his head because I said he wouldn't. And then I dared him. And he walked right into the kitchen and shaved his hair. And when he came back into the bedroom... half his head was buzzed.

I didn't think he would. I thought he was getting a snack. Then he made me do the second half.

Now he's a cute little buzz-headed boy.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Words, words, words.

Words fill my mind all day, thoughts. About friends I've lost contact with, and friends I wish I had. About weight loss, and staying in shape, and being happy. About marriage, and what I can be better at. About couples who go good together, and those who seem like a strange fit. About earth and life, and how it all fits together. About what I need to do, and what order I should do it. About how my family is growing up, and then, oh, how I'm married now. About girls who are leaving on missions, and boys who are coming home. About the turn in the economy, and how I'm ever going to learn how to use money well. About wedding pictures, and spoiled bridals with ugly red lipstick. About crafts, and how I should do more of them. About my co-workers, and their upcoming and recent weddings. About the load of laundry in my room, and how much I don't want to take it downstairs. About how I always blog with so many words, and not very many pictures. About games, and how much I love to play them with my husband on Sunday afternoons.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!

On New Year's Eve, JD and I went to one of his friends' parties. We were originally supposed to have some neighbors over for a relaxed game night at home... but the couple ended up bailing on us a few hours before they were supposed to come over. Anyhow, we had to come up with some last minute plans... so we went to a party with a bunch of single people! There were a few married couples, but mostly a bunch of single people we didn't know. There was a big dance party going on in one room and I definitely wanted to join, but JD said I was embarrassing him too much. Haha.. I just haven't danced in FOREVER (since the wedding!) and I was really feeling the beat that night. Anyway, JD just wanted to sit around the food table and talk. Boring! But it's okay... he didn't feel great, and I should probably practice being a sophisticated, well-behaved wife. :) It was pretty fun overall, and I'm excited for the new year!

Happy New Year!

What's a New Year without some noise makers?

Our first New Year's kiss as husband and wife!

This is Sam, one of JD's good friends from high school, and his wife, Stacy. JD set Sam and Stacy up on their first date!

This is JD's friend, Dallin, who threw the party.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Celebration

I know... it's a little late... but we had such a great Christmas! I love the end of the year when we have a time to reflect on Christ, his miraculous birth, and the signifigance His life has on all of mankind. I am so thankful for His mercy and grace and the opportunity I have to learn of Him and try to be like Him.

Before we flew down to Texas, we went over to JD's for our little Christmas with his family. Every year they get pajamas for Christmas and this year his mom got the whole family these ridiculous looking onesies. It was pretty funny... we all put them on and had a dance party. We also played a candy game. It was pretty fun to have his whole family together.

Then we flew down to Texas! Wahoo :) We had a good time with my family... teaching my parents how to play Settlers of Catan, watching movies, playing tennis, going out to eat and shopping. We ate at Fuddruckers on Christmas Eve (it's one of my family traditions!) and visited the Alamo. We opened ornaments and talked about our gifts to Christ this year. Every Christmas my family talks about one thing each of us wants to do better to give as a gift to the Savior. My gift this year is to read the Old Testament in its' entirety. (eeks!)

We ended up driving back to Utah with my cousin Haley. I am so glad Haley and JD took turns driving and I never had to. It wasn't terrible, but it definitely wasn't enjoyable. We had all of her stuff for school and everything we brought to Texas all packed in her little car.

Overall, it was a fabulous Christmas. We loved being in Texas, seeing my family, and getting a break from work and school. But we are also ready to start a new semester and be back in our own little home!