Sunday, January 24, 2010


The other day I was walking through the Museum of Art, bored out of my mind. I started looking through the contacts in my phone, deleting people I know I'll never talk to again. The boy in my senior calculus class, who was so cute and always flirted with me when I walked by, who I went on two dates with, who held my hand in the movie theatre. The boy who ran track, who talked to me on instant messenger, who always made my heart race. The boy who I studied with sometimes, who was best friends with a boy I accidentally kissed once. The boy who argued religion with me, who swore he knew all the answers. The boy who I was friends with because I didn't think anyone else would be. The boy who wanted to date me because he thought I was hot, even though he knew nothing about me and was totally shallow. The boy who I fell for hard and fast, who made me feel alive, who I thought I'd marry and spend all my days with. The boy who I dated to get over previous boy, the one who was a horrible kisser, who I really didn't like but pretended to, because I wanted to make previous boy jealous. The attractive boy, who was way into himself, and therefore, not as attractive. The boy who I thought was cute from church. The boy who I did a group project with, who had more money than anyone I know. Delete. Delete. Delete.

Deleted them all because my heart is forever with this one.
The best kisser, the one who makes my heart twitter-pate more than anyone, the boy who makes everything better, the warmth beside me at night, my happily ever after.

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Unknown said...

I really like you. You remind me a lot of myself. Sometimes it freaks me out. And I hope that since we're so much alike, someday I'll end up just as happy and lucky as you.