Thursday, January 28, 2010

Summer Marie

So.. I had this blog before I was married. And I wrote on it a lot. And when I got married, I didn't want to make the transition to a "married" blog. The one where I have to use the term "we" instead of "I" all the time. Like, "we ate hotdogs" instead of "JD and I ate hotdogs." Because you see.. we both can't be typing at the same time.. I am typing. I am writing this blog. I just want to be able to say what I feel and write what I want to. Inevitably, I will write about JD and our future family because I like him and I'll probably like them too.. but I just like having this little blog to call my own. I feel a little bit guilty about not having the blog address be, but in the end... not really. I like being the same me I've always been. And actually... the blog address is not really valid anymore because I am now Summer Robinson Knowlden to the government. Summer Marie Knowlden definitely sounds better, I know. However, I had a really hard time accepting the idea of dropping Robinson forever. And I for sure wanted to change my name to Knowlden. So I opted for the long and obnoxious Summer Robinson Knowlden. I should've just kept it Summer Marie Robinson Knowlden, but that's even longer and more obnoxious.

But the point is.. don't judge me for not making this a couple blog. I'm Summer Marie, and I love my husband. :)

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Holly said...

I miss my maiden name too. I don't have a middle name and thought about making it officially my maiden name, but eventually decided against it. Deciding to get married was hard enough! Why do they keep throwing these othe rhard decisions at us?