Sunday, January 10, 2010

Words, words, words.

Words fill my mind all day, thoughts. About friends I've lost contact with, and friends I wish I had. About weight loss, and staying in shape, and being happy. About marriage, and what I can be better at. About couples who go good together, and those who seem like a strange fit. About earth and life, and how it all fits together. About what I need to do, and what order I should do it. About how my family is growing up, and then, oh, how I'm married now. About girls who are leaving on missions, and boys who are coming home. About the turn in the economy, and how I'm ever going to learn how to use money well. About wedding pictures, and spoiled bridals with ugly red lipstick. About crafts, and how I should do more of them. About my co-workers, and their upcoming and recent weddings. About the load of laundry in my room, and how much I don't want to take it downstairs. About how I always blog with so many words, and not very many pictures. About games, and how much I love to play them with my husband on Sunday afternoons.

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