Friday, October 30, 2009

Some beach, Somewhere :)

Tonight my husband and I are at home studying. It's almost 11 and it's Friday and we're losers! But I just took a quick break from anatomy and daydreamed about what I would rather be doing. I'd rather be on a beach in Mexico. After my short vacation in my head, I realized that I never blogged about our honeymoon! So all you faithful bloggers.. here it is!

Cancun, Mexico This is our hotel room. Right off the beach. So awesome!
This is our first day on the beach... we're married!

This is us waiting for the bus. We rode it everywhere and all the Mexican people looked at us kinda funny when JD started speaking Spanish.
This is us eating on an island after went snorkeling.
This is us at Chichen-Itza. It was interesting to learn about the ruins... but I've never sweat so much in my life. It was dannnng hot!!
This is us exploring underground caves.
We went to Cozumel one afternoon. While we were there, we got couples' massages.. and they were wonderful!
We love the beach! And we love eachother!
(This is my favorite picture of the whole trip.)

We took naps on the beach and just hung out.
Love, love, love!
This is our last night in Cancun. We decided to go downtown.
We just liked to people watch. I kept dancing to all the music from the clubs. JD told me I couldn't dance in Mexico because everyone would stare at me! I danced anyway. :)
We ate at Chili's. Still good in Mexico.
This is us on our way back home. We had so much fun!

It was so awesome to be in Mexico without a care in the world... no work, no school, no stress, no long-distance phone calls or Skype conversations, no internships, no knocking, no waiting.. just being with the love of my life all day every day! But... now it's back to reality... heart orientation, the fibrous skeleton, and muscle tissue. Oh, anatomy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today I had a lot of goals. I worked on and accomplished most of them (stay long enough after church to talk to the bishop, tidy up our house, get rid of our dying plant, shower.. because i didn't wake up in time to do it before church, shave my legs... because i don't remember the last time i did, meet visiting teaching companion, nap, make contact with the girls i visit teach, pass out visiting teaching assignments to the girls i supervise, go on sunday evening stroll with some neighbors, make dinner for husband, make birthday cake for said husband, and actually work on thank-you notes). It was a pretty productive afternoon. However, I also made a goal to write in my journal today because I haven't actually sat down to write about the wedding day or the honeymoon and life is passing so quickly that I'm afraid I'll start to forget things if I wait too much longer. BUUUT.. thank-you note writing has taken up most of my afternoon and I really just can't write anymore because my hand is cramping and I'm tired. I figured I could at least blog a little because typing doesn't hurt quite as much as writing things out by hand. And I am much quicker at typing than I am at writing.

JD and I really trying to make friends. We are putting ourselves out there more at church I think.. or at least trying. We actually really like hanging out with eachother though.. so it isn't all bad.

My mom and sister were here this weekend. Their stay was good, but much too short. I feel like I didn't even see them. My mom came down to cheer at the Homecoming game for the 25 year reunion of the national title. I totally missed her performance. I was anxious and excited for her, but completely unaware of when they did their little jig. I don't think the announcer actually said what was happening... because I was listening for the announcement and never heard anything. I'm bummed I didn't get to see her, but am glad it was an excuse for her to come to Utah.

Lindsey stayed with us for one night. We went to watch a women's volleyball game against Utah and we went out to Spoon Me. I hate frozen yogurt and don't understand what all the rage is. I didn't get anything, and JD got his for free because it was his birthday. Oh yeah? JD's 24 now. OLD officially. I got him some socks and a homemade coupon saying we could go pick out a tent. In my defense, all he said he wanted was socks. I am not totally lame. I also bought Lindsey some clothes on Saturday for her birthday. I felt super dumb about not wrapping either of their gifts. Sometimes, I think half the greatness of a gift is it's presentation.

I am still trying to get used to the orange in our apartment. I really like it now, and I hope I still like it after Halloween passes.

Speaking of Halloween, my program management class decided to cancel our 5K costume run on the 31st. You would not believe the technical, legal, and financial problems we ran into in the planning process. It was insane. But I guess we did learn alot about programming. I also learned firsthand why people get zits! STRESSSS. But it's over and now we just have to evaluate how it failed.

I am tired of school. I always wish the weekend lasted longer.
I don't want to go back.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


JD and I went to IKEA yesterday. Yikes! It's hard not to buy everything you see in that store. We went with the purpose of buying a bookshelf. On a whim, we decided to buy some orange accents for our living room. Mostly, we like color and wanted more of it. Also, we agreed that right now is about the only time in our lives when we'll be able to pull off a turqoise and orange living room. We are trying to get used to it... but I think I like it. And I am not going to post pictures... in hopes that you'll come visit us and see it in person.

We want friends. We are pretty lonely lately. We would love to play games or go bowling or miniature golfing or make you dinner or have you make us dinner. Or anything.

I am still adjusting to married life. I would really like to meet some of the neighbor girls and do girly things with them. I'd like to have someone to go to if I run out of an ingredient or if I need a quick ride somewhere. I'd like to order pizza on a Saturday afternoon and have another couple come over and watch football on the floor with us. But I'm dreaming. Hopefully soon we'll make some good friends here.

As of now, JD and I are playing board games alone in our orange-accent living room.
(And I'm smoking him 9 times out of 10).

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ballerina in the Backseat.

Dear ballerina in the backseat,

Today I rode the bus to the grocery store to surprise my husband with food in our pantry and dinner on the table. He thought I was in class, but it got canceled today. I ended up with more groceries than I could handle and was struggling to get home on foot. With welts swelling on my arms from such a heavy load, I waited at the crosswalk for a long time. The little green man didn't show up to let me pass. I must have looked tired and pathetic. Your mom pulled up on the curb and asked me if I needed a ride somewhere. Hesitantly, I looked around and wondered if I should get in a stranger's car. When I saw you in the backseat, I agreed. Your mom helped me load all my groceries in the front seat and I got in the back with you. You didn't say much and I could tell you thought it was a little weird that your mom picked up some strange girl on the street. I asked you if you were a dancer because you had on a leotard and tights. Your mom said you were coming home from practice. You said you were a ballerina. I smiled. I told your mom where to turn to get to my apartment. Your mom said life gets a little easier, you told me to have a nice night, I got out of your car and walked up to my apartment with all my groceries. Your mom didn't have to stop for me. But she did. And I hope that when you grow up... you'll be like your mom- kind and selfless, charitable to strangers, not bothered by the dents in your car or the fact that your clothes are worn and your hair needs cutting, Christ-like, sincere, and aware of people more than time. In fact, I hope that when I grow up... I'm like your mom too.

the lonely girl on the street corner.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh, India!

I am intriqued by the people of India. One day, I would love to travel there simply to get a taste of their culture and lifestyle. I am particularly fascinated by the notion of laughter therapy that is popular in India. Groups will get together for a laughter therapy session and begin by breathing deeply and reaching to the sky to release their inhibitions. Then, one member will start with a "ho-ho-ha-ha" until the laughter becomes absolutely contagious. Dr. Madan Kataria, who founded the laughter club, says,

"Laughing is my mission. I want to spread it all over the world."

The people participating in these clubs believe that laughing at least 15 minutes a day will drive away depression and other ills. Although I haven't conducted any experimental designs to test their theory, I can't help but agree with them instinctively. What an awesome, remarkable tradition! I think it's totally rad. I wish I could see a session in person some day :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Too perfect.

Can I just say that JD is too perfect for me? Two prime examples:
1. He didn't work Monday and decided that would be his day of errands. I was gone at work and school and was busy busy all day. I come home to find a platter of pumpkin shaped taffy on the kitchen table. Random? Yes. I asked JD what it was... and he said that he saw them at the store and felt like he should buy them to put out in our house to decorate and bring in some Halloween cheer. Even though they are nasty black licorice flavored, the taffy on the table makes me happy. It also makes me happy that my precious husband thinks like that. :)
2. So we finally got a new door knob... (Our old one was a royal pain and took about 5 minutes to jiggle wiggle open)... and I lost the key on the first day JD gave it to me. Bummer. On his day of errands, he decided to run to Wal-mart and make me a new copy. I think most men would just choose a stinky old silver key, but JD picked one of the decorative keys- a leopard one! whoo hoo :) And it made me really happy to use it today.
Those are two itsy bitsy examples of why we just go together.