Thursday, October 8, 2009

Too perfect.

Can I just say that JD is too perfect for me? Two prime examples:
1. He didn't work Monday and decided that would be his day of errands. I was gone at work and school and was busy busy all day. I come home to find a platter of pumpkin shaped taffy on the kitchen table. Random? Yes. I asked JD what it was... and he said that he saw them at the store and felt like he should buy them to put out in our house to decorate and bring in some Halloween cheer. Even though they are nasty black licorice flavored, the taffy on the table makes me happy. It also makes me happy that my precious husband thinks like that. :)
2. So we finally got a new door knob... (Our old one was a royal pain and took about 5 minutes to jiggle wiggle open)... and I lost the key on the first day JD gave it to me. Bummer. On his day of errands, he decided to run to Wal-mart and make me a new copy. I think most men would just choose a stinky old silver key, but JD picked one of the decorative keys- a leopard one! whoo hoo :) And it made me really happy to use it today.
Those are two itsy bitsy examples of why we just go together.

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Kasidy said...

So cute! I just love you guys. Also, does J.D. ever ask you if you want some ice cream and then you reply," Sure, Bert!" Hahaha... that joke will forever make me think of you.