Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today I had a lot of goals. I worked on and accomplished most of them (stay long enough after church to talk to the bishop, tidy up our house, get rid of our dying plant, shower.. because i didn't wake up in time to do it before church, shave my legs... because i don't remember the last time i did, meet visiting teaching companion, nap, make contact with the girls i visit teach, pass out visiting teaching assignments to the girls i supervise, go on sunday evening stroll with some neighbors, make dinner for husband, make birthday cake for said husband, and actually work on thank-you notes). It was a pretty productive afternoon. However, I also made a goal to write in my journal today because I haven't actually sat down to write about the wedding day or the honeymoon and life is passing so quickly that I'm afraid I'll start to forget things if I wait too much longer. BUUUT.. thank-you note writing has taken up most of my afternoon and I really just can't write anymore because my hand is cramping and I'm tired. I figured I could at least blog a little because typing doesn't hurt quite as much as writing things out by hand. And I am much quicker at typing than I am at writing.

JD and I really trying to make friends. We are putting ourselves out there more at church I think.. or at least trying. We actually really like hanging out with eachother though.. so it isn't all bad.

My mom and sister were here this weekend. Their stay was good, but much too short. I feel like I didn't even see them. My mom came down to cheer at the Homecoming game for the 25 year reunion of the national title. I totally missed her performance. I was anxious and excited for her, but completely unaware of when they did their little jig. I don't think the announcer actually said what was happening... because I was listening for the announcement and never heard anything. I'm bummed I didn't get to see her, but am glad it was an excuse for her to come to Utah.

Lindsey stayed with us for one night. We went to watch a women's volleyball game against Utah and we went out to Spoon Me. I hate frozen yogurt and don't understand what all the rage is. I didn't get anything, and JD got his for free because it was his birthday. Oh yeah? JD's 24 now. OLD officially. I got him some socks and a homemade coupon saying we could go pick out a tent. In my defense, all he said he wanted was socks. I am not totally lame. I also bought Lindsey some clothes on Saturday for her birthday. I felt super dumb about not wrapping either of their gifts. Sometimes, I think half the greatness of a gift is it's presentation.

I am still trying to get used to the orange in our apartment. I really like it now, and I hope I still like it after Halloween passes.

Speaking of Halloween, my program management class decided to cancel our 5K costume run on the 31st. You would not believe the technical, legal, and financial problems we ran into in the planning process. It was insane. But I guess we did learn alot about programming. I also learned firsthand why people get zits! STRESSSS. But it's over and now we just have to evaluate how it failed.

I am tired of school. I always wish the weekend lasted longer.
I don't want to go back.

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