Friday, October 30, 2009

Some beach, Somewhere :)

Tonight my husband and I are at home studying. It's almost 11 and it's Friday and we're losers! But I just took a quick break from anatomy and daydreamed about what I would rather be doing. I'd rather be on a beach in Mexico. After my short vacation in my head, I realized that I never blogged about our honeymoon! So all you faithful bloggers.. here it is!

Cancun, Mexico This is our hotel room. Right off the beach. So awesome!
This is our first day on the beach... we're married!

This is us waiting for the bus. We rode it everywhere and all the Mexican people looked at us kinda funny when JD started speaking Spanish.
This is us eating on an island after went snorkeling.
This is us at Chichen-Itza. It was interesting to learn about the ruins... but I've never sweat so much in my life. It was dannnng hot!!
This is us exploring underground caves.
We went to Cozumel one afternoon. While we were there, we got couples' massages.. and they were wonderful!
We love the beach! And we love eachother!
(This is my favorite picture of the whole trip.)

We took naps on the beach and just hung out.
Love, love, love!
This is our last night in Cancun. We decided to go downtown.
We just liked to people watch. I kept dancing to all the music from the clubs. JD told me I couldn't dance in Mexico because everyone would stare at me! I danced anyway. :)
We ate at Chili's. Still good in Mexico.
This is us on our way back home. We had so much fun!

It was so awesome to be in Mexico without a care in the world... no work, no school, no stress, no long-distance phone calls or Skype conversations, no internships, no knocking, no waiting.. just being with the love of my life all day every day! But... now it's back to reality... heart orientation, the fibrous skeleton, and muscle tissue. Oh, anatomy!

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Stefanie said...

ah! you guys are so stinkin cute! i'm glad you put these pictures up. they made me happy :) glad you guys are doing well. love and miss you lots!!!