Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sunday Visit

We went to Layton on Sunday to visit JD's fam. JD ended up cutting Larry's hair AND Brayden's hair AND the dog's hair. It was taking forever. . .so Tiffany, her  friends and I decided to play dress-up. We put on crazy costumes and did fancy make-up. It was pretty fun to pretend like I was 16 again. :) Then we played Settlers of Catan. Tyler is supposedly the reigning champ. . . but Larry smoked us all. It was good to see them and to just get away for a bit.
JD thinking he is good at this game. He wore those nerd glasses the entire time. Freaky boy.
Playing Settlers... so addicting!
Tiffany and I in our costumes. So fun to have a sister-in-law :)

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