Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh, India!

I am intriqued by the people of India. One day, I would love to travel there simply to get a taste of their culture and lifestyle. I am particularly fascinated by the notion of laughter therapy that is popular in India. Groups will get together for a laughter therapy session and begin by breathing deeply and reaching to the sky to release their inhibitions. Then, one member will start with a "ho-ho-ha-ha" until the laughter becomes absolutely contagious. Dr. Madan Kataria, who founded the laughter club, says,

"Laughing is my mission. I want to spread it all over the world."

The people participating in these clubs believe that laughing at least 15 minutes a day will drive away depression and other ills. Although I haven't conducted any experimental designs to test their theory, I can't help but agree with them instinctively. What an awesome, remarkable tradition! I think it's totally rad. I wish I could see a session in person some day :)

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