Sunday, February 7, 2010

10 Things

10 Things That Made Me Really Happy This Weekend.

1. Phone conversation with old friend from high school... friend who made me feel like I've been genuinely missed. Thank you Samantha Hensley.
2. A clean and organized closet. A trashbag full of clothes to sister-in-law and a trashbag full for DI. The feeling of freedom. Of order. Of clean.
3. Spending time with a friend I never expected to make. Hello Laura! She's in some of my recreation classes and we interned together at Camp K. Who would've thought you could actually bond with someone you met in a class? She's the greatest. We made pesto chicken on Friday night and I ate with her and her husband because JD worked late. They're really nice to me :)
4. Vegetarian Pizza. So good.
5. Hot cocoa from original Minnie Mouse mug (thanks Larry and Steph for the Disney World souveneir).
6. Plans to travel to Vegas next weekend to see Kasidy and play with old roomies.
7. Camping indoors.
8. The Brazilian family who were visiting at church today. They were visiting their daughter and her husband, who just had their first baby. Today was fast and testimony meeting, which means anyone in the congregation can go to the pulpit and give a short witness of what they know is true. These people got up today and spoke such beautiful portuguese. Their son translated. It was the first time I have ever heard someone give their witness of the Gospel in another language. Unreal power of the Spirit of God.
9. The lesson on charity in Relief Society. I want to love like Christ did. I love 1 Corinthians.
10. Superbowl with JD's family.

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