Saturday, February 20, 2010

Platinum summer.

JD's been selling alarms for a long time. summer 07 in Washington DC. summer 08 in San Antonio. summer 09 in Columbus. and.. we're going back to DC this summer 2010. The big difference is. . . drumroll. . . I'm selling too. Call me crazy. JD thinks I can't, so I'm out to prove I can. And I'm serious too because today I went to a training meeting. All by myself. JD was working. It was awkward and uncomfortable, seeing as I'm not the typical recruit. Married girl vs. mostly single boys. I was very lonely and it wasn't fun. But I did it, and I'm proud. And I'm excited because I'm gonna start training, and I'm gonna start knocking, and I'm gonna watch videos, and read books. And I'm gonna be the best married female sales rep that company has ever seen! Bring it on Platinum summer.
(Yay for a sales job bringing us together forever!)


Unknown said...

what what whaaat?
when did you decide this?

ashley said...

didn't see that coming, but i think you could do pretty well!

Summer said...

i decided recently. i decided because i can't turn down competition.