Saturday, March 6, 2010


In early February, we went on a date go-kart racing. It was a Platinum sponsored event and we were excited because it was FREE. (Sometimes it's really hard to try and live on a budget!)

It was way fun. Of course, JD was a rockstar and got the fastest speed out of everyone in our race. I was super angry because my kart kept stopping and the worker guy had to come over about 3 times to re-start my engine. You can imagine how that would throw off my game! Seriously! We had a good time though. JD's brother Tyler came too with his girlfriend, Mikella. She got really angry after the first race and didn't want to go again. I almost waited out with her too because I was pretty frustrated. But the Knowlden boys convinced us to go out again!

[Jd ready to race!]

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