Thursday, March 11, 2010

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas.

We went to Vegas for my old roommate's mission farewell. She was called to Argentina to teach people about the Gospel and Christ and how they can be so happy! We are so excited for her. She is already rocking it at the Missionary Training Center. We love Kas. The trip was over the weekend of Valentine's Day. It was wonderful to spend the time with the people I love.
JD was jammin on the way there.
This is us on the way.
We ate at Applebee's.

And went to a cactus garden
that was decorated for Valentine's Day!

I thought it was so cool to be in front of the famous Vegas sign!

At the Bellagio. So pretty :)

This is us at Circus Circus at an amazing acrobat show.
We had such a wonderful time. We love these people.
I blessed with such incredible friends!

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