Saturday, March 27, 2010

Disappointment and Excitement.

A year ago around this time.. I was preparing to fly home for Holli and Abe's wedding. It was an exciting time for sure! Much to my dismay, when I arrived in San Antonio, I was informed my bags didn't make it onto the connecting flight. Dang it, Southwest! I was a little panicked because I needed my bridesmaid dress. It was really chaotic, but I ended up being able to pick up my luggage the next day at the airport about an hour or two before I needed it. For my inconvenience, Southwest issued me a travel voucher of $50. Score! I was excited. The disappointing part of the blog title post is that I have forgotten to use it everytime I've flown in the past year, and now it's too late. The silly voucher expires on April 1, 2010. I was so excited to use it for jd's flight to Washington DC! Gah. The exciting part of the title is that I'm going to San Antonio in a monnnth. My old roommate and good friend Stefanie is getting married on the 7th of May and I really wanted to stay in Utah for that. The problem was.. I'm done with finals on April 21 and that's basically 2 weeks of dead time, where I'm not doing anything. JD was planning on leaving like May 2 or 3 to go to DC and start knocking. I'm thinking to myself... this is a little ridiculous. I don't want to be a bum! And then I had this brilliant idea that I could go home during that time. In my thought process, I realized it was probably unrealistic for me to pay to fly from SLC to SA, back to SLC, and from SLC to DC in about a week's time frame. I kindof pushed the idea away, not wanting to get my hopes up. However, I brought it up to jd and he seemed really supportive. He suggested I talk it over with my mom. Naturally, she thought it was brilliant and talked to my dad. I said we could possibly split the cost. My dad said they would pay for my flights there and back and it could be my birthday present! Whoo-hoo. How exciting :) The sad part is that jd can't manage to come with me and we'll be a part for a week and a half. But mostly, I'm really happy because I didn't know when I would get to see my family again... and now.. it's really soon! So thanks, parents, for funding my wishes, and thanks, husband, for supporting my wishes and sacrificing our time together. I'm a little giddy. Siblings, begin planning our adventures. :)

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