Saturday, March 27, 2010

May is for Weddings.

Seeing people in love makes me happy. I feel like spring is the season for love. I know a few couples getting married in May, but here are some that make me particularly happy.

Sam and Roxanne, May 1
I really like this mix. I can't really say I knew it right when they first started dating, but it did seem from the get-go like he made her so, so happy!

Jeremy and Stefanie, May 7  Moved to August
They met eachother the night before our wedding on a blind date. The roommates joke she was talking about him all night :) If you want to see the cutest thing, check this proposal video out.

I'm so excited for these lovelies and am sad I'll have to miss some of their wonderful events. Nonetheless, my heart twitterpates a little bit for them as I remember being where they are and feeling the rush of excitement that comes from being in love and planning for marriage.

It's not always hearts and roses, but mostly it is bliss.

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Stefanie said...

oh yay! :) I'm so happy I made your blog post :) AND I'm so happy that you're going to be here for the big day! I'm sorry that it means you and JD will have to be apart for so long though