Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey Brain.

Hey brain, Where are you? Remember that leisure intervention protocol that's due in 6 days? Remember how you are supposed to be researching contact theory? And the effects of inclusion on people's attitudes towards individuals with disabilities? Remember you are supposed to have a clear understanding of autism and the intervention of modern dance? Remember how you have to compile a comprehensive risk management plan for a school who needs one really badly? Remember how you are supposed to evaluate those risks and prioritize them in a risk matrix? Remember how you are supposed to put together a professional presentation? Remember how some of your group isn't doing squat. . .and you need to pick up the slack? Remember how you have to find a court case in Utah that describes a breach in someone's constitutional rights concerning recreation? Remember how you have to describe the side of the plaintiff and the defendant and say what side you agree with? Remember how you have no idea what's going on in your finance class? And you need to review stocks, bonds, and mutual funds? Remember how you have to do that take-home test on planning, and management styles, and the APIE process? Remember how you need to read that chapter in bio? And catch up on the homework assignments? And get a better understanding of how global warming is really affecting the earth you live on? Remember how general conference is this weekend. . .and you really wanted to have all of this done before it starts. . .so you can peacefully listen to a prophet's voice? Remember how you were supposed to do a lot of this last weekend. . .and you got really distracted. I let you go then, but I can't now. Please come back to me.
And stop wandering off here...
(I realize if you aren't a therapeutic recreation major... you probably won't understand the extent of the work outlined in this post. And that's okay. All you need to know is that being a certified tr specialist isn't always fun and games... and my classes are a little bit kicking my butt right now).


Cory Sue said...

Hey, I love you!
Good luck, you are amazing and you can totally kick this stuffs butt right back!
miss ya and love ya too much!

Stefanie said...

you can do it Summer! also, I completely love that picture of you and JD. so cute!