Monday, March 8, 2010

Elder Batey.

This picture was taken my senior year. These are some of my very favorite people from high school. Holli and I were inseparable my first few years of high school. We pretty much did everything together, and I loved it. So many of my favorite memories are with her. Even though she was a year older, I never felt that gap. I'm actually closer in age to her younger brother Austin, which is weird. I thought I was going to die when she left for college a year before me. It was hard at first, but then I got really close to Angela. And Leah, too. We had a lot of happy times. Those two girls were by my side all throughout my rollercoaster relationship with Stephen. And then... well, there was Jordan. Looking back, I have to laugh at myself for the totally overdramatic, completely insensible, utterly hopeless crush I had on him. For pretty much all of high school and a little after that too. Anyone who knew me well knew I daydreamed incessantly about the possibility of him finally admitting he'd been in love with me for as long as I'd been in love with him. We were good friends. We did tons of stuff together. He asked me to a couple dances, and I always tried to read into it... like "he really likes me," "he secretly wants me," or "he's too afraid if he tells me the truth, it'll ruin our friendship." Honestly, I think he always just thought of me as a friend. But I definitely loved him... and the thing is... he really isn't that cool!
Haha. But the whole point of this post is that he comes home from his mission to Oregon on THURSDAY! Really? I can hardly believe it. Time goes by so fast. I was a pretty good friend for about the first half of his mission, and wrote him at least once or twice a month... but then life got busy and I started dating JD and then we got married... and then the whole writing missionaries thing didn't seem quite as cool anymore. Haha, but seriously. I'm excited to see him again. I'm not sure when that'll be. But I am grateful for him and his friendship.
Ps. Looking at this picture really makes me miss these girls too! High school was so fun. :)

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