Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Morgie.

I have really beautiful sisters. Like long-haired, make-me-jealous, everything-I-wasn't sisters. They are both so much more trendy and fashionable than I was at 15. And especially more than I was at 12. It's so weird to live far away from them as they're growing up, because everytime I go home they seem taller, and older, and prettier. Today is Morgan's 12th birthday. She cut her hair off, but I don't know how it looks in real life. She has boyfriend, but I don't know any stories. She's in 6th grade, but I don't know what her life's like. It's all so unreal. I remember being in 6th grade. I liked Ross Hruska, and Steven Barrow liked me. I had a locker next to a girl named Michelle who cursed all the time. I was on Team Kaleidoscope. I wore big glasses and pigtails. I cheated on a test and told my teacher the next day. She gave me half credit. I wanted to be cool like Sterling. I don't feel like it was that long ago, definitely not 9 years. But it's true. My family is growing up. My sisters are both really old. And so am I.
But, it's really comforting to know that no matter what...
we love eachother.

(Ps. There's some pictures of Lindsey by herself because I just think they're cool and thought they were appropriate for a post about sisters growing up. I wish I had some of Morgan, but she doesn't have a Facebook for me to steal them from.)
But the point is... today is Morgan's 12th birthday. I worked hard to make her something that I hope she likes. I'm still not sure how I am going to get it to Texas though. I love Morgie. She is happy and fun. She is always smiling. She's a good helper around the house and she's a really good comforter. I can remember some times in high school when I was really sad that she came into my room just to love me and cry with me. She tries really hard to do the right thing. She has oodles of friends. JD and I brought her lunch to school over Christmas break, and she was definitely one of the prettiest girls in 6th grade. She's a rockstar soccer player and is dedicated to her team. She's always working to improve. She loves bright colors, and her room is the cutest. I want her bedspread, but I don't think JD would let me. She's tall and skinny. Her smile is big and beautiful. She says quirky things that make me laugh. She's incredibly smart. She gets really good grades.She's very diligent... and I still can't believe she's twelve!
Happy Birthday Morgie. I love you.

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miss you miss you, really wanna kiss you <3