Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Car rides.

We've spent a lot of time in the car since we came home to Texas. A few days before Christmas we drove to Sugar Land to visit old friends and go to Steven & Katie's wedding reception with my family. On Christmas day, after the morning festivities, all 8 of us got in the suburban to drive to Austin to spend time with my grandparents and Slade's family. On the 26th, we drove across town to visit my dad's side of the family. Later that day, we drove back to Boerne. We've also driven in and out of San Antonio a few times, including yesterday when we got stuck on the highway for 2 and a 1/2 hours behind a terrible accident.
Needless to say, we've been in the car a lot.

And tomorrow... JD and I are headed out with my cousin Haley to drive back to Utah. Yay car rides.

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Sara said...

You girls are gorgeous! I'm so glad you're enjoying your break and totally jealous that you got to go back to Texas.