Friday, December 10, 2010


Yesterday I went to my last class as an undergrad at BYU. The very idea of this statement being real gives me goosebumps. I hear classmates all around me hoop-ing and ha-ing about finally being done, or hooray-ing about being so close, or making statements like: "You're so lucky you don't have any semesters left," "I wish I was in your place," and "I'd give anything to be done."

I don't get this. I can't relate.

In the moments over the past week or two when I've been overwhelmed with preparation for finals and finishing the research project I've stressed about all semester, I've just tried to take it all in. I remember a certain day last week... one of those I-can't-stop-to-talk-or-say-hi-to-anyone-because-I-have-so-many-things-on-my-to-do-list-today-that-if-I-get-behind-5minutes-everything-might-fall-to-pieces days...when I was rushing across campus from jazz dance to religion, sweating and panting because I have to change super fast in that 10 minute break and climb the beastly set of stairs up from the lower end of campus, and I just stopped to breathe slowly and specifically thought to myself, "You're going to miss this."

And literally, I'm not joking,

I already do.

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Holly said...

Yeah. I don't miss the homework and stress of it (gosh, still got both of those things), but I miss the fun of college life. Hopefully with JD still doing that stuff it will still feel somewhat that way. They were good days!