Sunday, December 13, 2009

Black Ice.

This weekend Tyler and Tiffanie came to visit us. They both brought friends, Jordan and Hayley. We had a fun weekend... playing games, watching movies, and eating food.

After church, some food, and a round of Pit, they were off and headed back to Layton.

They didn't get far.

They hit a patch of black ice on 1-15 heading north bound near UVU. Their car spun a few times before hitting the middle barrier. The airbags went off. Jordan's nose was bloody, Tiffanie's ankle was cut up and bruised, and Hayley has a bruised sternum from the seatbelt.

Tyler called JD and was pretty panicked. We left as soon as we could and tried to meet them at the scene of the accident. The police officer was really rude to us and told us to get back in our car and meet them at the hospital because they were trying to clear the lane. He was really short and snappy. ANND he gave Tyler a ticket for "inability to control the car in one lane." Jerky cop!

All four of the teens were released after we waited for a few hours in the hospital with all of their families.

We are just grateful everyone is safe and no major injuries happened!

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