Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sweet boy.

Wednesdays are my long day. I'm on campus from 5:40 am to 6 pm with essentially no breaks... 5:45-10:30 work 10:30-10:40 change out of security uniform into normal clothes. 11-12:15 class. 12:20 bathroom. 12:25 sack lunch on a bench. 12:35 change into dance clothes. 12:45-1:00 flip through notes or stop at computer lab to check emails. 1-1:50 jazz dance. 1:51-1:55 change as fast as I can and hurry up the stairs of death to religion class, sweaty and panting. 2-2:50 pearl of great price. 3-6 sewing lab (which is getting harder!)... come home and want to die. last night I had a work meeting from 6:30 to 7:45 to add onto that. such a. long. day. My cute husband had a romantic dinner all set up when I got home. He made some delicious tomato-y, mozzrella-y chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli. He set the table, turned on some tunes, lit the candles, and dimmed the lights. It was beautiful and wonderful and I loved it. He is such a sweet boy.

Lovey, I know you are having a hard time because your tennis job keeps getting cancelled because of the blasted rain and you didn't do as well on your bio test as you wanted to. I know you're grumpy because life is kicking you around a little. Don't be down. You make me happy. You are a good husband. 

Ps. I think you're more handsome when you smile.

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