Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dang Pretty Family.

My family is a lot prettier than the last time I saw them. Morgan's hair is longer. And she's older. Jake's teeth are braceless and whiiiite. And he's tall. And he's getting over puberty. Lindsey looked like a supermodel at the airport. And everyday. Isaaac is big. And has brown beautiful eyes. And is growing up. And I never really noticed how much my mom and dad love each other. They do. I think love makes you pretty. They're looking really fly (but my dad thinks he's gonna lose 15 lbs before the wedding. doubt it!) Maybe my family has always been so pretty. . . or maybe not. . . I'm not sure. But since I've been home, I can't help but think to myself- You have a dang pretty family.

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Cory Sue said...

wow, they really are pretty!! It's like I love them and I don't even know them!!