Monday, November 29, 2010


In no particular order. . . Husband. Cheese. Mexican food. California sunsets. Nail clippers. The Savior's perfect life. Temples. Warm coats. Colors. Dedicated professors. Examples. Wedding ring. Holding hands. Blender. Peanut butter. BYU. College Football. Skype. Airplanes. Cell phone. Music. Cowboy boots. Journals. Scrapbook paper. Sewing machines. Sales. Good books. Harry Potter. Poetry. Lipgloss. Socks. Yummy candles. Scriptures. Hot chocolate. TV. Mailmen. Hand-written letters. Email. Blackboard. Chalkboards. Doodles. Sharpies. Priesthood. Missionaries. Grandparents. Vacations. Hamburgers. Learning. Trials. Sacrament. Sunday school. Alphabet. Quilts. The Sandlot. Quick games of catch at the baseball fields. Board games. Cars. Lights. A full tank of gas. Peachie-Os. Babies. Brothers. Sisters. Finding a gift you know they'll love. Christmas time. Fireworks. Flowers. Mittens. Nail polish. Roommates. Trees. Magazines. Ensign. Grateful people. Helpful people. Selfless people. When the garbage gets taken out. Vacuum. Guidance from professors. Guidance from parents. Guidance from God. Prayer. Articles of Faith. Texas heat. The beach. Scriptures. Knowing I'll see people again after they die. Engagement pictures. Weddings, generally speaking. Post-its. Calendar. Alarm clock. Rugs. Turquoise mixing bowls. Utensils. Camera. Clouds. Stars. The sky. Recycling. New school supplies. Internship. Eating out. Eating in. Love. Mashed potatoes. Parables in the Bible. High school memories. A clean house. Organization. Roses. Falling asleep next to JD. Snuggling. Pedicures. Long baths. Surprises. Popcorn at the movies. Snow. Green lights. Religious art. The power of God. Cute, happy jewelry. Compliments. Courtesy. Faith. Integrity. Revelation. Plants. The zoo. History. Heroes. Everyday.

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Emily Leue said...

half of these things are food! why is that, summer?