Sunday, August 21, 2011

Two years.

It was our two year wedding anniversary last Sunday (!!) We both got work off on Saturday because we initially planned on leaving town and staying in a nice hotel and making a whole big trip out of the milestone. However, we opted to be cheap responsible and spend the weekend in. :) We tried the Model A Cafe in Mapleton, had dinner at our favorite Mi Rancherito, went to the Provo Farmers Market for some yummy treats, watched the BYU football team scrimmage, browsed a few thrift stores and shops for the perfect craft room chair, napped, went to our ward picnic with some church friends, saw The Help, taught our little three & four year-olds in Sunday School, ate dinner at home by candlelight, picked raspberries and blackberries at Phelps Berry Farm (more pictures to come...), bought icecream cones, and rented a Red Box.
It turned out to be a really lovely weekend to just relax and be together... which is a dang good thing because now he's gone for four days to have his "man-cation" in the mountains! And, oh man, I miss him something fierce. He's such a source of positive energy and strength to me. He's got this magical power about him that makes me just feel better, even when I'm not necessarily feeling down in the first place. I'm better when we're together. Oh, and he's got such a charming smile and cute face! (which, in my opinion, is about to get even cuter with the addition of glasses...which he will be ordering on Tuesday...after the eye exam that I arranged for him when he gets back from the Uintahs.  Surprise!). But, what I was getting at is this: the last two years have been better than I could've dreamed. JD's a big hunk of handsome and I love him more than anything.

Sweet husband, thanks for being so good to me. Hurry home. I miss you!


Emily Leue said...

omg i saw the picture of dinner by candlelight, and the first thing i thought was "what if her hair caught on fire?!?" and then the next picture you had a bandana...i almost freaked out.

Sara said...

Happy Anniversary, Summer!