Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sushi Party for Abby

Last Wednesday, our dear friend Abby had a birthday. On Friday, we spent the afternoon helping her prep for her big sushi party. JD made a big bowl of fried rice and helped prepare the sticky rice for the guests to make sushi rolls when they arrived. We cut veggies, meat, and other toppings (uh, fillings?). While JD was busy doing his thing, Abby and I also made a type of sushi I actually like. . . candy sushi! We made rice krispy treats and let them harden. Then we cut them into strips and wrapped gummy worms in the middle and rolled them up like sushi. Finally, we bundled them in fruit roll-ups and cut them into little bites. Most precious treat ever! The party turned out to be a roaring success and JD taught oodles of people how to wrap their own sushi. I ate up the fried rice and might have had more than my fair helping of candy sushi. We're so glad Abby was born and loved helping her celebrate her big day!


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