Sunday, May 27, 2012

Being a Mama

I've been really lucky with this baby so far. I haven't had any of the morning sickness, nausea, food cravings, or heartburn normally associated with pregnancy. Mostly, I've just been tired, but my energy has started to return in the last few weeks.  

Because I can't feel any movements yet, I sometimes forget she's there. It's so weird to think about a little human being growing and learning inside of me! It's a miracle my body knows how to support her without me having to consciously do anything. In so many ways, the development of my little daughter is a testament to the reality of God. I mean. . . how else could such magic exist? 

I often find myself daydreaming about what life will be like when she's here. I can't wait to see her, to hold her, to cuddle her. I want her to know so many things and constantly feel this overwhelming weight of everything I could teach her. When this pressure sits heavily on my heart, I try to turn my thoughts to Heavenly Father and feel the comfort of the Spirit. I know ultimately the most important thing I can teach her is this: she is a child of God and even when she doesn't know all the answers in life, He does. 

I figure one of the best ways to teach a principle is to live it. So lately, as I've been feeling the incredible stress of being a mama, I've just given my fear to God and let Him replace it with peace. I'm scared. I'm nervous. I'm anxious. . . 
But I'm also confident I can make it as a mother when I have the Lord on my side. 


Amanda Leigh said...

Summmmmer... you are such a beautiful mama to be!!

Radiant Red said...

Your adorable!

Derek & Penny said...

You will be such a wonderful Mother. I am so so so excited for you and JD. Honestly, this little baby girl is so lucky to have you both as parents. I am looking forward to our two little ones meeting when we come to Utah early December! And looking forward to our visit in June! We are so lucky to have you guys as friends, lovin' the little pregnant belly! Keep the pictures coming!