Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sunshine and summertime.

Last night, we decided to kick off summer with our first trip to Seven Peaks, a local water park. It was hot and sunny and the water felt so good! Our Tenley bug wasn't a big fan of being dipped in the water, but sure enjoyed lounging on our laps as we floated the lazy river. And, oh! what a peaceful rush it is to have a baby lay calmly on your chest in the sunshine. Be still my mother heart. 

JD and I took our neighbor to this park a few summers ago and talked about how fun it would be to bring our own little munchkin one day. We still can't get over the reality of this darling little girl being ours. We are grateful every day to have her in our family.

Bring on the sunshine and summertime! We are ready.

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Cory Sue said...

Geez! She is the cutest! Such Happy pictures, and a happy family!