Friday, October 25, 2013

Birthday for the babe.

Our little lady turned one on Friday and we had a few friends and family members over to celebrate. I made taco soup and JD prepared an incredible video montage of her first year that we watched with our guests. Tenley was showered with gifts and love; we are so grateful for all the people around us who love her so dearly!

I sewed her a party dress with some darling red and blue prints. Those ruffles! The Peter Pan collar! A matching bow! I die. I didn't want to deal with a zipper and/or buttons in the back. . . so it was a bit of a tight squeeze over her head. . . but, man, I definitely love me a good handmade outfit :)

Rather than pick a "theme" for the party, I opted for colors. It was easier for me to plan and make decisions that way. 

To make the pom-poms for the garland, I wrapped yarn around three of my fingers several times and then slipped the bunch off my fingers and tied it in the middle. I used scissors to snip the loops and wa-la. . . pom-poms! I used a needle and embroidery floss to push through the middle of the pom-poms to string them together on a line. To make the picture garland, I bought a package of clear glass ornaments and then punched holes in different patterns of red and light blue scrapbook papers. I filled the ornaments with the punched paper circles and strung them on a piece of yarn with 2x3 monthly photos of Ten (I attached those with mini clothespins).

For the tablescape, I punched circles out of the leftover scrapbook paper with a 2" circle punch and sprinkled those on the table. I put white daisies in a vase inside my red boots. I made a little poster to frame listing things Tenley loves. We had a candy bar of assorted red and blue candies. I decorated some of the containers with various red, white, and light blue ribbons and trims. I was so busy prepping that I wasn't able to snag all the photos I wanted of the decorations before the party started (plus the lighting was less than stellar. . .) Lindsey helped me capture a lot of these photos. 

Oh, and the cake! I made it! Our family friend, Julie, is an excellent cake maker/froster and she taught me how to use the different tips and tools. She walked me through the steps and I was so, so pleased with how it turned out. 
At first, Tenley wasn't really sure what to think of her smash cake. There were so many people staring at her and she was a little overwhelmed. After a few minutes, she grabbed some frosting and started squeezing it between her fingers. So cute.
The party turned out really well! And despite all our hoping and wishing for time to stand still, the day passed and our teensy infant officially exited the newborn stage. 
We love you, Ten. Here's to our adventure together in toddlerhood! ;)

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