Saturday, January 18, 2014

Miss Independent wanted me

Tenley has been such a stinker lately about doing things HER way. If I try to give her a bite of food from a fork, she'll push it away. . . but if I let her eat it with her hands, she'll gobble it up. If I try to read her a book, she'll throw it. . . but if she can hold it herself and turn the pages, she'll look at it for several minutes. If I try to give her kisses, she'll turn and thrash her head. . . but if she decides she's in the mood, she'll give tons of slobbery smooches. Basically, she likes to do things on her own or as she pleases. And sometimes she acts like she doesn't want me- rude!

On a family outing recently, Tenley changed her mind. 

We decided to take her sledding at a nearby hill. Initially, she seemed confused about why she had so many layers on, but she was generally content and pleased to be out with us.

After her first time down the hill on JD's lap, her mood totally shifted to panic-y and anxious. She started whimpering whenever we'd walk to the top again and she'd turn around in terror whenever she heard a noise from us walking or shifting in the snow.  She seriously clung to me and did not want to let go. I got down on the ground and just had her snuggled up to me for several minutes. 
Although it was sad to see her so scared, it was also really hilarious to us. It felt good to finally be wanted by this little independent one again ;)

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