Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tenley, lately.

Tenley is at the cutest stage right now. She's learning how to say words and picks up on so many everyday happenings going on around her. She love, love, loves giving hugs, squeezes, kisses, high-fives, and fist-bumps.  She keeps us entertained all the time and we're so glad to have her in our family!

Here's a few examples of the adorable things she's been doing and saying lately. . .

After we put her plate on the table or get her a drink, she says "tank to." Thank you.

If JD and I are standing or sitting close enough where she can reach both of us, she'll often grab our heads and push them together until we kiss.

When we ask if she wants to watch Frozen, she bounces up and down in excitement. 

She's obsessed with lotion and sunscreen. If we put a little in her hand, she loves to rub it in and usually tries to share too. 

When I'm changing her diaper or opening the garbage can, she says "eww" in the sweetest little voice.

If we ask her if she wants to go outside, she runs to the door and waits. 

She often takes things she knows we don't want her to have, but when we ask her to bring it to us, she usually runs forward with her hands outstretched and hands the item right over. Sometimes, she cocks her head playfully and then runs away from us. Ha. 

When we ask her to show us her "insert random body part," she usually points to it on our bodies instead of hers.

She likes to climb onto our laps and sit there no matter what we're doing. 

When we ask what her name is, she responds "Tin-ee." Tenley.

She often runs to get her toy vacuum when she sees me pulling out the real vacuum. She generally follows behind me as I move from room to room. 

When we ask her to get ready for prayer, she knows to fold her arms. Sometimes at dinner, she reaches out for our hands because we often hold hands when we pray at the table. 

She is getting really good at copying our sounds. If we ask her to say something, she'll usually make an attempt (if she's in the mood). JD was frustrated the other day and said "crap" . . .  the next thing we heard was "cap" in Tenley's sweet little voice! Yikes.

When she drops something, she looks down at it and says "uh-oh."

She understands how to use a brush and likes to play with my hair.

If we ask for an eskimo kiss, she puts her face really close to ours until we rub our nose up against hers. Nothing better!

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago when I was giving JD a back rub. Tenley wanted in on the lotion action and pretty much took over my job! She is too precious. 

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