Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Golden Birthday

I turned 25 on July 25th. For some inexplicable reason, 25 seems like a landmark age to me. It's kind of a big deal, I suppose. As a teenager, I remember thinking, hypothetically, "By the time I'm 25, x, y or z." You know, like I should be accomplished and have stuff to show for myself by now? Haha. . . I definitely DO think I've done some pretty neat things so far in my life and so I decided to throw myself a golden birthday party to celebrate the big day. JD was my right-hand man through it all. I sent out invitations, reserved a pavilion at a park, made gold frosted cupcakes, assembled gold centerpieces, and even bought & altered a gold-toed boot piñata. Talk about a party ;)

It was stressful to have the party outside when the weather forecast was expected to be gloomy. I was so anxious! However, everything went off without a hitch (thanks, in big part, to my family who was in town from Texas). Thank you to everyone who came to help me celebrate! To me, it was a magical evening of good conversation, good friends, and good food. All the makings of a good birthday.

Special thanks go out to:
Momma- for baking & frosting the cupcakes; Dad- for manning the grill; Jake, Morgan, and Hannah- for helping set up, including covering the tables, arranging the decorations, cutting the fruit, and managing the music; Isaac & Hayden- for watching Tenley so everyone could come help me set up; Morgan- for accepting the job as party photographer at the last minute; Allysa- for lending your headband as a piñata blindfold; Tiffanie- for pimping out my nails with gold glitter, helping with the chicken pasta, and letting me borrow your gold home decor items; Allysa,  the Knowldens, and Julie- for bringing food; and lastly, JD- for helping with all the above items, paying attention to the little details, and always knowing what to do to help me feel loved. 

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