Friday, October 17, 2014

It's sweet again.

It's been two months since I lasted posted on this blog. The days pass so quickly! I can't believe how the seasons fade into each other and then, without me even noticing, the years change. Time slips through my grasp and I have a hard time orienting myself. I feel like I'm a brand-new mom. . . and I'd say, in some respects, I still am. However, I've had a little human in my care for two years now. What a remarkable, hard, patience-testing, joyful, tiring, happy struggle-blessing! (Haha- clearly parenthood is hard to describe).

I started writing here to record the stories of my life, the ins and outs and in-betweens. The things I'd forget if I didn't type them out. The things that were frustrating. The things I learned. The things that filled me up. I like writing. . .  kind of like I like talking. 

The primary presidency from church stopped by last night to meet Tenley and welcome her to nursery (we've started attending a new congregation, or ward, since we moved a few weeks ago). They spent a few minutes getting to know our family, asking about hobbies and interests. When they asked me what I like to do in my free time, my first instinct was to answer: "talk." But that seems weird, so I said: "scrapbook, read, play tennis, and go on outdoor adventures" instead. Which, of course, are all true statements. JD also brought up our experiences with "Baby Booty Bump" (which he likes to casually mention whenever he gets the chance) so I also sheepishly added, "I like to dance around my house, too." That is not a lie either. 

Nevertheless, the thing I like to do the very most, more than almost anything else I think, is just talk. I like talking on the phone to my parents. I like talking through Skype to my siblings. I like talking in the office with my co-workers. I like talking to teenagers in therapy. I like talking to Tenley about her days. I like talking to friends over dinner. I like talking to JD at night, as he wills himself to stay awake. I like talking to God through prayer. I just really like talking. And, when I write, I kind of feel like I'm talking to myself... just in a way that's more tangible and searchable later. I like that. 

I forget sometimes how much I like blogging. Blogging is draining and tiresome. It's also invigorating and exciting. It has the same bitter-sweet taste that's typical of so many of our life experiences. But, for now, I think it's sweet again.

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