Monday, February 9, 2009


So last night I was totally dreading have to get up this morning. Every night before I go to bed... I think about how soon 4:30 is going to come and how I should probably start getting to sleep a little sooner than I do. When I woke up this morning, I was hurting... just like I knew I would be. I went snowboarding on Saturday for the first time and it was quite an experience. Stef, Cory and I headed down to Brighton with J.D. and Jeff Weeks and his cute girlfriend Erin and her roommate Ashley (i think?) and the boys' friend, Jeff Pratt, from high school. It started snowing on the drive up and we were getting really pumped!

(I looooove this picture! I have such a cute boyfriend! )

When we got up to the resort, we got on all of our gear and headed for the mountain. The first run was absolutely terrible- I kept falling and hurting myself, and I was getting so discouraged, and I was cold, and I couldn't find a balance and I was so irritated. I wanted to just quit because everywhere was hurting and I had ice frozen to my stomach from falling so much. I was so annoyed! But I decided to just try again and the runs after that weren't so bad. I was pretty impressed by how good J.D. was at snowboarding. He goes all the time and I knew that he really enjoyed it... but he was super talented and I didn't even realize it. We were so cold and hungry by the end of the day... we got some Little Caesars and headed home. It was a good day though!

However, I have been hurting ever since. This morning at work it was hard for me to bend over and plug in the vacuum because my back hurts and my legs hurt and everything hurts. Even as I study, it hurts to lean over and grab a book. Ouch!

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