Thursday, September 24, 2009

Top 5

I feel like I haven't really blogged in forever and I am excited about all the news I have to share. The top 5 things going on in my life are...

First, I got a job! This is exciting... but it's definitely not my dream job. I work as a security guard at the Museum of Art at BYU. (You can make your jokes now.) I know I'm not very intimidating, but I do what I'm supposed to and that's what counts. I just ask people to check their backpacks at the front desk and not get too close to the art. Today I got to escort someone important back to the control room. That was huge. Haha :) Basically... I don't do a whole lot. I just get to wear a not-so-cute outfit and carry around a walky talky and set of keys. The good thing about the job is being able to study whatever I want to on a clipboard. The bad part is that most of my shifts are at least 4 hours long and I can't study effectively off a clipboard for that long. JD visited me today before he went to class. Hooray!

Second, I am taking anatomy... and it's hard and it takes a lot of work and studying... but it's so incredibly rewarding. I love knowing the intricacies of the human body. It hit me the other day how incredibly sacred the study of anatomy is. The mere fact that we were created in the image of God, a god with parts and passions, is miraculous. I am so grateful to have an understanding and testimony of my origin, to know with a surety that God walks and talks as we do. Because I know that God was once as I am, I can also conclude that I have the potential and incredible opportunity to be as He is. Get this: when we study the anatomy of humans, we are in fact studying the make-up of gods. Absolutely remarkable, I tell you. Absolutely. What an experience for me! (Now let's just hope I can keep this perspective as I study for my first big test this weekend!)

Third, I am falling madly in love. Everyday. It is crazy that every day that passes I find more reasons to fall in love with my husband. He rocks. Today he washed and folded the laundry, cleaned the bathroom, did the dishes, vacuumed our entire apartment, and tidied up our bedroom. He also makes delicious meals all the time, which is so lucky for me because I really struggle in that area. He works three days a week in Salt Lake and studies diligently for his chemistry and EMT classes. I am so impressed with him and all that he does. We've read our scriptures everyday together since we've been in Provo. It's not always a lot and sometimes we are both really sleepy, but I love that we are trying to be obedient together.

Fourth, I am having so much fun. JD and I have gone on dates to the dollar theatre, Nickelcade, friends' apartments for game nights, country dancing, and to yummy restaurants. We play games all the time and I love it. I do have to say that my skills at Settlers of Catan are greatly improving. (JD would call it luck. It's skill!) We've had Gretchen and Whitney for dinner and games, and Holli and Abe for dinner, and JD's family for dinner, and Ty and Tiff (JD's sibs) up for a weekend, and my old roomies for dinner, and Ty for a second weekend (We need to work on our grocery budget... it's been a little ridiculous!). Jocelyn comes over to play with me/us sometimes and I love it. We love BYU football and watch it on our living room floor and eat pizza. :) It was super exciting when they beat Oklahoma! And we loved that #7 spot while it lasted. Also, JD has baked home-made bread for us a couple of times, which totally rocks.

Lastly, my sister turns FIFTEEN in a week. And Tiff turns SIXTEEN in 2 days. And JD turns TWENTY-FOUR in less than a month. (He's so old!) Andddd Jake and Dad are visiting in 2 weeks. And Lindsey and Mom are coming in a month for the homecoming game against TCU.
October will be a fabulous month!

That's pretty much it for me! I am feeling pretty good about life lately :)

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Gretchen said...

Summer, you are so cool. Thanks for letting me blog stalk you. Whit and I still owe you guys dinner and games at our place! If you are still up for it, we'd love to hang out again!!!