Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fall in love.

I am in love with a man who matches me. I backspaced the previous sentence a lot of times.. I started with "a man who completes me" and tried "a man who is better than I deserve" and "a man who was made for me." But none of those things are true. . .a lot of things complete me as a person (a testimony of the Savior, a desire to help people, a love of artsy things, etc.) and he isn't better than I deserve (Because I am a daughter of God, I deserve to be loved and treated well. Every person does!) and he wasn't made for me (There is no such thing as soulmates. If we were destined for each other, then we wouldn't have the chance to choose each other. . .and love wouldn't be nearly as exciting or rewarding as it is). Finally, I chose the word match. We match. We are happy; we like games; we like clean houses; we like fun colors; we are helping each other move toward Christ a little every day; we like Mexican food; and we like each other. I love him lots and am grateful for him every day. But not every one in the world is in love with a boy or girl right now. . .and I get that. But something I've been thinking about today is this: life itself should be a glorious love affair. If you haven't found something to love in life, find it. Look for things to bring joy and love into your life and heart every day. I love bright colors and clean design. I love well organized rooms. I love little children. I love the feeling of making a difference. I love goals. I love doodles. I love the scriptures. I love powerful literature, words that move you. I love yummy food. I love fresh-baked cookies. I love walking into a house that smells and looks so clean. I love the satisfaction of folded laundry. I love crafting, preserving memories on paper through artistic expression. I love patterns and prints, big jewelry and fun shoes. I love picnics outside and playing tennis. I love learning something I didn't know. I love people- talking to people, listening to people, interacting with people, meeting people. I love pictures- pictures of me, pictures of my family, your pictures on Facebook. I love going to restaurants. I love freshly painted nails. This is my point: Wherever you are, in whatever stage of life you're in, no matter what you are doing, fall in loveFall in love and stay in love. Your life will not only seem happier, it will be happier. You will find deep delight in just living.

I was inspired when I saw this quote. It moved me. And just so you know: this post is just meant as a little advice for you, but a BIG reminder for me :)

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