Saturday, May 15, 2010


Everything about being in Texas made me happy. I didn't have a single thing to do except hang out with my family and help around the house. I went to Alamo Cafe with my parents and shopping with my momma. I watched Isaac play baseball and visited with EG and Papa. We went to lunch and I split a cheeseburger with my sister.

My sisters and my mom and I went out and ran errands. I found a pillow the perfect color of turqouise to put on our couch in Provo.. imagine my delight when I flipped it over to check its condition and found a "K" embroidered on it! Fate? or what? We took some fun pictures in a photobooth at Wal-mart and stopped by Half Price Books. . .where I bought a collection of novels by Jane Austen. I have never actually read anything by her, and figured it's about time I tackle some of the classics. (So look for updates on my progress!) I taught Isaac how to play war with a deck of cards and he was obsessed with playing. I played cards with Morgan and Isaac a lot after school. Morgan and my dad and I worked on a puzzle she picked for her room.

My dad grilled chicken, and I made mashed potatoes. I played a few games of Settlers of Catan with my parents and Jake. Our friends, Amy and Clint, came over to play later in the week. I watched a lot of Spurs games with my dad. One night, the whole family went to Dairy Queen for blizzards. I loved being together with all of them.

I'm sad I didn't get to see Lindsey as much as I would've liked. She is a busy-bee and had a lot of school work and stuff going on. It's too bad it wasn't summertime yet for the sibs! One day, my mom and I went to the fabric store to pick up some material because I wanted to make some skirts. The next day I spent the entire afternoon learning how to follow a pattern and sew a skirt from one of her friends. I made two really fun summer-y skirts and I can't wait to wear them. I went to the San Antonio temple with my mom and dad and
did some sealings for my ancestors. My mom has been doing some geneology. . .and it was really wonderful to be in that sacred place together! I also got my hair cut and highlighted. I had to get a few inches cut off. (Such a bummer! I wish my hair would just grow longggg!) I went to Austin to visit some friends and spend the night. The last night I was there my family went to Rudy's barbeque for dinner. So yummy! I love me some Texas bbq!

Mostly, Texas makes me happy because it's home. It's still a little weird to go back to Boerne, and not San Antonio. . .but the bottom line is- love is what makes a house a home. My family loves each other a lot. Sometimes my siblings argue, and sometimes they are mean to each other, but mostly, they are really kind and they stick up for each other. Morgan was having some drama with the boy she likes. . .and Isaac pretended his baseball was the boys' head, because quote "No one messes with my sister." I know that's a little bit cruel, but the point is he loves his sister and doesn't like to see her sad. Jake and Lindsey also have this special bond, where they share secrets and no one else can know. My family reads scriptures and prays together every morning. We didn't always do so great at that when I was younger. . .and I think it makes a difference. I know it makes a difference. I am grateful for the chance I have to build a life with JD. We are a happy little family and we love each other lots. But there's something about a busy house and lots of kids, and food and games and baseball in the heat, and homemade cookies, and warm Texas sunshine. . .something that pulls me home.

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