Monday, March 14, 2011


JD and I are game people. A good game and good gaming friends never get old. Brad & Abby are our go-to game friends. We've played games with them almost every weekend this year (and some weekdays too!) We like playing board games because, after the initial investment, they provide free entertainment lots and lots of times. Lately, we've been playing:
Settlers of Catan
Ticket to Ride
Killer Bunnies
Monopoly Deal
and most recently,

Last night, Brad and Abby came over and we busted out Clue. So old-school! We got it as a wedding gift, and hadn't opened the box yet. Looking for a change, Abby and I convinced the boys it would be fun! I forgot how much strategy Clue requires. Abby won because the rest of us made incorrect accusations about the killer, his weapon, and his place of crime.

I can't wait for a rematch!

Ps. Brad and Abby got a real kick out of our engagement pictures. The fact we used board games as props for our engagements verifies our status as total nerdy gamers!

Pps. Sometimes the term "gamer" is used in reference to boys, or girls, who spend excessive amounts of time playing video games. This is not us. We don't like video games.

Ppps. When choosing a picture for this post, I wanted to choose a cute-sy one.
JD thinks the serious one is more intense :)

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