Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Tippy-Top.

I ski on a beginner level. JD snowboards. . .on an advanced one. Sometimes it's hard for us to be together on the mountain, but, last Saturday we went to Sundance and spent all our time together.

It was a lovely day for skiers and snowboarders alike. The weather was pretty much perfect. And I had a pretty good time. . . until JD convinced me I was ready for a blue (almost black) trail. Here we are on our way up to what felt like the very tippy-top.

And here I am after I started going way too fast, lost my balance, tumbled sideways, slid face-down in the snow for about 25 feet of mountain, totally humiliated myself, acted as a complete roadblock for all the pros, and provided a good laugh for the guests on the ski lift.

At least I was on skis and could get myself up. If I had been on a snowboard, it would have been much worse. I might've called the emergency guys on snowmobiles to come get me. Instead, I laughed a lot, picked the snow out of my eyelashes, dusted it off my tummy, and braved myself down the rest of the way. It was practically the scariest thing I've ever done. . .and JD boarded down backwards the whole way to make sure I was okay. He didn't even blink. Crazy boy.

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