Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More of the everyday.

I've recently become super excited about scrapbooking again. I've checked out lots of books and past issues of Creating Keepsakes magazines from the library. I've also spent some time in craft and hobby stores seeking inspiration and trying to withhold myself from buying anything. One of the most important things I've learned as I've been studying layouts and reading books about scrapbooking is that I'm most drawn to pages about everyday things. Typically, I've been one to scrapbook big events like birthdays, vacations, holidays, and other rare happenings. My goal now is to focus on documenting and recording more of my everyday life. I want to be able to look back and remember all the little things that make my life what it is. Also, I want my children to be able to know what I was really like and what my days have actually consisted of. I want to become more of a life artist (as Ali Edwards would say). This is my first attempt at an "everyday" picture- something I wouldn't normally think to capture, but tells part of our story nonetheless.
NBA Finals. JD. Watching because he's been following the league all season and this is the climax. Me. Watching because there's a Texas team in it to win it and because my husband feels loved when I watch sports with him. Us. Eating otter pops because they're a great sweet treat. This is an everyday moment.

I hope I can capture more of the little things. I hope I can recognize the beauty in my life everyday. I hope I can be better at documenting, recording, and remembering.

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Stefanie Orton said...

You guys are so cute. I love this picture. And this idea. You really inspire me Summer. Seriously. Even just looking at your blog gives me so many new ideas. You're amazing. Thanks for sharing all of your talents with the world :)